I'd like my collections to display in the same order as I input them
CollectionStation wrote on April 12, 2009 at 10:44 pm
You can sort your collections in any order on the main My Collections page.
Tycho wrote on April 12, 2009 at 8:33 pm
When I input my collections, it was very convenient.

For example, I put Star Trek in the fictional continuity's order:

Next Generation
Deep Space Nine

But when you look at my profile, the sub-categories of my Star Trek collection are alphabetized:

Deep Space Nine
The Next Generation
The Original Series

I'd rather the sub-categories of the collection display in the order I ranked them in (top group in the example posted here).

When it comes to my Star Wars collection, I intend to list my dioramas in the fictional continuity order as well, but that list will be huge. It will help people find things quickly if they see my input order which might look like:

Green Room:

Escape from Theed
Gungan Battle
Batle for the Royal Palace
Battle of Endor

Obviously, the last scene I listed fromáROTJ, which comes last in the entire saga, would list first in alphabetical order.

Well when my list is done, there might be 20-50 different scenes I create (and inventory here on CS) just for my green planets room. (Iáhave massive amounts of Star Wars toys I've gathered for my dioramas). It won't be so easy to locate things unless I go really crazy with subcategories, as for instance, Endor will have a large battle scene with AT-STs, a smaller scene with the Shield Bunker Door, a speederbike chase, an Ewok celebration scene, the scene where Luke is delivered as a prisoner to his father, and probably much more. I don't know what I'll call these scenes, let alone how they'd alphabetize.

Just let our ranks from the input screens match our ranks for the display page that others view. Thanks.

[This is a great suggestion if I do say so myself!