Beta Launch Announced
CollectionStation wrote on February 9, 2013 at 10:46 am

Well, we've been in Alpha for some time and it's now time to launch the Beta version of!

For all the users that have been helping test, we appreciate it greatly! For those that are new... here is a recap:

CollectionStation knows what collectors want and they are passionate about bringing you the best resource for your collection. The main goal of CollectionStation is to provide tools and services to help collectors manage and complete their collection within a social environment. Collecting is very much a social hobby and to reach that goal, they also need to be the worlds largest online catalog of collectibles with detailed information and photos. How do they do that!? That's where passionate collectors can help as features have been implemented that allows collectors to create ANY category and/or collectibles that do not already exist.

Many collectors collect more than just one type/brand of collectibles and there was simply not a single resource where they could manage all of their collections. That was the pain point and CollectionStation was founded. While the site was designed to fit any type of collectibles, they are initially targeting the toy industry as that is the industry they know well but feel free to add anything you may collect!

CollectionStation has a lot of plans for but and they want to know what you think so they can implement the features you want (and yes, mobile is coming!). So let us know what you think good or bad!