Hasbro Q&A;12/10
CollectionStation wrote on December 10, 2009 at 9:53 pm
CollectionStation.com: To some SW fans, Luke is THE hero of the saga, and is seen as never more triumphant and important than his final cinematic duel in the throne room of the 2nd Death Star. Yet Hasbro has dragged their feet every time with this iteration of Luke, despite releasing 6 Luke Jabba's Palace costumes in just the last 5 years (TLC '08, TAC '07, TSC '06, OTC '04, 2 different figures for Saga '04). In the past 14 years of the modern line there have been just 3 Luke Death Star IIs, and all are incomplete in some way: POTF2 Cinema Scene 1997 (preposed, soft sculpt, limited articulation), Saga 2003 (limited articulation due to action gimmick, preposed, Harpo Marx face), and now TLC 2009 (ill-fitting recycled limbs, wasp waist and odd proportions accented by reused limbs, incorrect belt, odd hand poses); and that's putting aside the whole "wrong lightsaber accessory every single time" issue. Now you've answered another site that the belt won't be corrected in this run, which suggests we won't be seeing Luke DS2 for a while again. We do appreciate that you've been trying to get the design better this time, but whether conscious of it or not, Hasbro clearly seems to have a problem with Luke Death Star II, so what is that problem? Who is drinking the Haterade, why does Luke DS2 keep getting the short end of the stick?

Hasbro: We do try to make the best figures we can, and sometimes when we start with existing parts (which is inevitable, as we can't tool every figure from scratch) the parts don't have a totally perfect aesthetic fit. We do not think that the current DS2 is a bad figure at all - he looks great and hit our objectives, but we do understand the desire for figures that are as authentic as possible and will be taking this into consideration next time we plan for an EpVI DSII Luke.

CollectionStation.com: Wizard/ToyFare's Fans Choice top 30 poll has begun, but a few anomalies have cropped up that we'd like to get official word on. First is the picture of Bom Vimdin, the image comes from the Holiday Special rather than ANH, which version would we get should he win? Same with the ROTS Palpatine pic being from the scene where he announces the formation of the Empire rather than the claimed Senate Duel look, which would we get? There's also the suggestions that Cliegg Lars might have removable legs yet no mention of his hoverchair, and that Queen Apailana might get packed with another Naboo character despite being closer in size to a full-sized adult character than a youngling and not remotely Comic Pack-worthy. So would Cliegg likely have removable legs and/or his hoverchair, and would Apailana likely come with a second Naboo character?

Hasbro: The winners of the Toy Fare poll will be announced this week (and may have been by the time this answer is circulated back). We were aware that some images got changed at the last minute, but that was Toy Fare's choice. If we do a Bom Vindin figure, he will be based on EpIV. Likewise, the first Palpatine we would do would be Senate Duel. It's unlikely we'd do Cliegg without the hoverchair, but this might be too big for a basic figure card so this one is going to be challenging for us should he win. Queen Apailana would come as a single figure.

CollectionStation.com: Although Aayla Secura is getting a Clone Wars figure in 2010, your answer about a new realistic version said it didn't make the cut for 2010 and may have to be an exclusive. What about, instead of that trouble, just revisiting the ROTS mold and tooling up a new set of arms? You don't even need to tool up hands or the right shoulder since that figure has satisfactory versions of both, just new arms with working elbow joints. That could be a significant budget savings, she could be in one of those re-release waves that occasionally come out, and you'd get another popular Jedi figure definitively made. Any chance of seeing this happen in the foreseeable future?

Hasbro: We haven't decided yet exactly what we want to do. We think we could upgrade here as you suggest but were hoping to deliver an all-new version. What we eventually decide will be based on the tooling available for her at the time. We do want to get her back out before too long and an upgraded (versus all new figure) would still be welcome. Thanks for the suggestion.