Hasbro Star Wars Q & A 12/21/2009
CollectionStation wrote on December 22, 2009 at 2:58 pm
Here is the latest round of Hasbro Star Wars Q&A:

In the November Q&A, Hasbro revealed that the latest Droid Factory 2-packs have not performed to expectations and the future planned sequel wave was canceled, with some sets possibly finding their way into other, future sets. With Wal-mart's spotty distribution on these - some stores getting none while others clearanced them for $5 soon after release - and Wal-mart not making them available online, is there any chance that the sequel wave could switch retailers to become another chain's line, or perhaps a shared online exclusive? And if it's not too bold, it sounds like plans were made, so what was the next Droid Factory wave going to be?

Hasbro: It would not be possible to move the Droid Factory packs to another retailer as the price, not the Wal-Mart distribution, was a critical factor in the sets not performing. The fact is that in the stores where these were properly merchandised, consumers did not respond to the $16.99 pricing of the sets. This would not be helped by moving them to another retailer. Due to the large tooling bill of the proposed sequel, there would have been no way to reduce the costs either. At this point, rather than tease fans with what could have been, we will hold on to the contents of the sets in the hopes that we can bring these out, even in smaller batches. We will confirm that the buildable figure was an alternate color deco of the Dark Trooper from the first Wal-Mart sets. The tooling in the set was not put against the buildable droid, but some of the other figures. Given the reception of the first set, and the lack of overall demand for the Dark Trooper, this is another reason why we will not seek another home for the sets using the buildable droid concept as we spec'd it.

CollectionStation.com: Are you aware that the eyes on the new Bespin guard and Willrow Hood are painted red? That has come up before with some unmasked Clone Trooper figures, but these are the first non-clone characters we can remember that have red irises. Is that a mistake or intentional? If it is a mistake, will it be addressed? If it was intentional, why was such an odd choice made?

Hasbro: Interesting. We had not noticed that the pupils were painted a reddish hue, but now that you point it out, we see it. We don't know why this was made but it was so small it escaped out notice. We'll take that into account for upcoming figures... thanks for pointing it out.

The new dewback looks to be a pretty nifty item, however, its appearance has some fans scratching their heads. The fact that it's packed with a sandtrooper and the appropriate riding gear would lead one to believe that this is supposed to be from A New Hope. Yet its green skin and smaller, more pointed face would seem to indicate The Phantom Menace as its source; and it even looks like it took some inspiration from the vintage version. It's been suggested that this is now LFL's "official" look for the beast, but this set is supposed to represent what's in ANH which this doesn't seem to be. What was the thinking behind designing this piece in such a way, why wasn't a more true-to-ANH look adopted?

Hasbro: It is a dead-to-nuts exact replica based on the reference files that Lucasfilm gave us specifically to follow, with the skin based off of the official reference file as well. So this is the most official of a Dewback as you can get based on the official reference provided us.