Official Hasbro Q & A - 2/22/10
CollectionStation wrote on February 23, 2010 at 11:35 am Most of Emperor Palpatine's scenes from ROTJ feature him seated in his throne, which hasn't been released in 13 years. That release, the "Final Jedi Duel" Cinema Scene, suffers by comparison with newer items in its relative lack of detailing and permanent attachment to the extended base from that set. Have you considered, or would you consider now that we brought it up, an improved version of the throne which would ideally have more detailed controls, a swivel base (that's not several inches long), and Luke's lightsaber hilt (with a spot to put it on the arm)? Oh, and while we're at it, what about an Emperor who can sit in it as well as he stands?

Hasbro: We have not considered recreating the Emperor's Throne, but it's an interesting idea for a future collector-targeted Battle Pack for some time farther down the road. Many collectors are reporting their local stores' Star Wars pegs clogged with slow-moving Saga Legends figures, stagnating and choking out Legacy Droid Factory basic figures. Recently, Wal-mart and Target stores have been selling "blockbuster value" buy-1-get-1-free 2packs of Saga Legends basic cards alongside the 2packs of Legacy basics. The SKU is the only one in the brand to not be changing this year. And now your site is offering a promotion where the purchase of many of the Role Play toys will get 3 free Saga Legends figures. Is the future of Saga Legends perhaps not as bright as had originally been forecasted? If not, why the incidents mentioned above? We already know that the main figure line in 2010 will be more a mix of Greatest Hits and have vintage-themed packaging which will help differentiate it from Clone Wars, and Saga Legends is going to share the CW line's card style, so how will Saga Legends fit into the mix other than a packaging change, will it be scaled back so as to not overwhelm the pegs? Will we see a quicker rotation of product so to avoid pegwarmers like Saesee Tiin or character crossovers into Clone Wars and Legacy like Plo Koon? 

Hasbro: Saga Legends has come down as more kids are focusing their attention on Clone Wars figures. Still, it is the #2 best-selling figure line in Star Wars and as such it's important to keep it out there as a way for kids (and secondarily for collectors) as a way to get key Saga heroes and troopers and to help ensure that new characters keep flowing into the Vintage (Legacy) lineup. The key, as will all Star Wars assortment-driven ratios, is to find the right balance to keep the pegs moving. We will be moving away from the secondary Jedi like Saesee Tiin and Plo and look to stick more to A-level characters and solid troop-builders to drive the mix.